Frank Capra was famous for directing films like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” starring Jimmy Stewart – where a principled idealist stands up for the democratic ideals of America. Maybe we need someone like Frank Capra to speak out about the overkill of money from special interests that have the power to confuse what might be the best interests of the public at election time.

Giant health insurance providers in California have spent around 57 million dolllars to defeat a California Proposition – 45 – in the November 4th election. This Proposition would give the authority to an Insurance Commissioner to examine their rate increases and determine whether or not they are warranted. Proponents of Proposition 45 only have 2.5 million dollars to combat this media onslaught.

The main argument of the insurance companies appears to be that Proposition 45 would give one liberal politician vast powers over health care. Interestingly, Covered California, the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange, has joined with the big private insurance companies to also defeat Proposition 45. According to a recent LOS ANGELES TIMES article, Covered California is governed by three of its five political appointees who were opposed to rate regulation when they served the last three governors of California.

It is possible that Proposition 45 could give millions of policy holders an ally to regulate the cost of health care and help keep rate increases in line. 35 States in the U.S. have an Insurance Commissioner with the power to regulate health insurance rates. It would seem logical that California should follow this national trend. However, the infusion of massive dollars to oppose this Proposition can certainly confuse this issue.

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