About the Author

Author Richard WandererRichard Wanderer is a member of the California Bar.  He has worked for many decades in the advertising departments of major magazines and newspaper publishing companies in New York City and Los Angeles.  Mr. Wanderer and his wife live in California.  They have two grown daughters and a son-in-law. Richard was inspired to write this novel after seeing first hand how employee lives often change – not for the better – as a result of a corporate takeover. Through the eyes of one of his novel’s main characters, one can learn how to survive this type of trauma.

“It is a page-turner, to be sure … If ever you should decide to execute a corporate takeover or buyout, The Holiday Party could serve as a detailed instruction manual … The author obviously has years of experience in the business described here.”

San Francisco Book Review

THE HOLIDAY PARTY: A Tale of a Corporate Takeover‘ is a novel of corporate intrigue … highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Author, Richard Wanderer, brings to light issues of corporate deceit, lies, cheating and greed in a well developed plot that will definitely keep the reader glued to the printed page … Great debut novel.”

by Fran Turner for Goodreads

“The author, a member of the California Bar, brings his experience working in the advertising departments of major magazines and newspaper publishing companies to good use in this novel that rings true as it explores the machinations of greed an betrayal… The result is a novel of corporate greed that leaps off its pages.”

Bookviews by Alan Caruba

“… a sharply observed saga of workplace tyranny … the author clearly knows his territory.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The Holiday Party hosts a wealth of well-developed characters in a suspenseful and fast moving plot that keeps you wondering who will be the ultimate winner in the big deal.”