Rename LAX the Jimmy Stewart Airport

Recently, I read an article in the Los Angeles Times.  It mentioned that over the last two decades L.A. has lost a considerable percentage of its filming to states other than California and many foreign countries.  Of course, California needs to be competitive on tax credits and advantages for film crews to stay in LA.  But crowning Hollywood as the authentic film capital of the world can certainly be an aid in keeping filming in L.A. Presently, two of the LA area airports are named after famous Hollywood stars –  Bob Hope Airport and the John Wayne Airport.  Wouldn’t the world be put on notice that L.A. is the film capital of the world every time they hear L.A.’s major airport is called the Jimmy Stewart Airport rather than LAX?

I recall reading a 1990 tribute to Jimmy Stewart given by the late actor Robert Stack.  Mr. Stack stated, “I have a feeling when I read in the papers about all the bad things in the world, there’s nothing wrong that a group of Jimmy Stewarts couldn’t go out and make right.”

Jimmy Stewart wasn’t just a great American actor, he was also a bona fide American hero who commanded a bomber group and led them 20 times over Nazi Germany during World War II.  A great Oscar winning performer, he also retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Brigadier General.

Ringing the city of Los Angeles, I believe, with Jimmy Stewart Airport, Bob Hope Airport and John Wayne Airport would create a formidable group – certainly one  that would continuously remind the world of the great tradition of Hollywood as the authentic film capital of the world – “The Tiffany of film production.”



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